The Ultimate Guide To Tracking Macros

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The Ultimate Guide To Tracking Macros

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How Long Does It Take to See Results?
Principles for Dietary Success


  • Energy Balance

  • Factors Involved in a Successful Diet

  • Factors for Long-Term Weight Maintenance


  • Section 1 – Why Track Macros?

    • What Are Macros?
    • What ‘tracking macros’ is, and why it works
    • Why Not Just Track Calories?

    Sec on 2 – Setting Up Your Macros

    • Finding your Maintenance Intake
    • Selecting an Appropriate Intake for Your Goal
    • Setting Up Macronutrient Targets


  • »Fat

  • »Carbs

  • • Should I Bulk or Cut?

  • »Metabolic Adaptation

  • »Newbie Gains

  • • Adjusting Macronutrient Intake
    »Macros and Advice for Muscle Gain

    »Macros and Advice for Fat Loss »Minicuts

    Section 3 – Understanding What Your Food Is Made Up Of

    • Food Quality
    • Tracking Macros VS Eating Clean
    • Making Food Sources Cheaper for You
    • Food Sources
    • High Volume VS Calorie Dense Foods
    • Sugar
    • Fibre
    • Impact VS Non-Impact Carbs
    • Artificial Flavourings
    • Salt

    Section 4 – Practicalities of Tracking

    • Equipment You Need
    • Practial Advice for MyFitnessPal

»How MyFitnessPal Can Catch You Out & How To Avoid It
»Inputting Your Food
»Re-Naming Your ‘Meals’
»Creating Meals
»Creating Recipes

  • Weighing Your Food
    »How to Weigh Different Foods

    »Raw vs Cooked Weight
    »Bulk Cooking

  • Weighing Yourself
    »When and How
    »Why Weighing Yourself ISN’T Everything
    »Better Ways to Monitor Your Progress
    »Weight Gain vs Fat Gain

  • Pedometers

  • Eating Out
    »Estimating Macros
    »How to Minimise the Calories
    »Going Over on Macros
    »Going Over on Calories
    »Explaining Tracking Macros to Friends/Family/Colleagues

    Section 5 – Advanced Macro Tracking

    • Rest Day VS Training Day Macros & Carb Cycling
    • Refeed VS Cheat Days
    • Refeeds
    • Diet Break

    • Post Diet: Reverse Dieting
    • Macros When Injured
    • Nutrient Timing
    »Pre/ Post-Workout Nutrition Timing

    »Fasted Training/Cardio
    »Intermi ent Fasting
    »Carb Backloading

    • Other Methods of Tracking
    • When Tracking Macros May Not be a Good Idea
    • Competiton Prep
    • Tracking Macros Forever?